2019 “Spectacullah” Album and Tour Fundraiser



Hi , my name is Cullah and I am a  musician from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

My goal as a musician is to release an album, for free, on every birthday. Until no more. So far, I have 12 released.

The next one is April 27, 2019. And it's called Spectacullah!

I need your support to make it happen!

Join me on my quest to make albums every year for the rest of my life.

Please consider backing my 2019 album by purchasing a reward-tier below.





raised of a $4,800.00 goal

31 Days Left

You will get a special thanks written by me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

You will get a link (via email) for a live streaming "Listening Party" of Spectacullah with me on April 20, 2019


You will get an MP3 bonus edition of the album on April 27, 2019


You will get a CD of the new album

+Sticker Package


You will be listed on as an Associate Producer on the album

+ Album Vinyl

+ Album Instrumentals MP3


I will come to a city near you on my tour! (USA/CA)

+ "Backstage" hang at a show

+ A limited-edition T-Shirt

+ Limited-edition poster signed by Bigshot Robot and Cullah


You will be listed as an Executive Producer on the album.

+ A shout-out in a song on the album

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Every order will contain all lower tier's rewards. For example, a $100 backing will get all the rewards from $25, $10, $5

Non-USA orders may have to pay additional shipping fees.

The "Shoutout" and written vinyl producer's credit are only available before March 1.

Here are the people making Spectacullah happen so far!

Executive Producers:

Tim McCullough, Devin Simonelli, Leah Mitchell-Dawson

Associate Producers:

Martin McBurney, Alexia Prichard, Lisa M Richards, Michele Rosado, Jonathon Hesley, Robert Neu, Melissa Weishaar,  Jeffrey Johnson, Kudret Demirdogen, Sean O'Reilly, Matthew Strelzyk, Chassy Tauberman, Raymond Kampmeier, Michael Rees, Samuel Ferrec, Marco Groenewege, Michael Starosta, Andrew Krikelas, Kelly Burns, Shawn Mullen, Kayla McCullough, Adam Hicks, Raymond Wolfram, Nancy Angelini, David Tilleman, Benjamin Yarmulnik, Matthew Landi, Quality CAT, Rocky Shattuck, David Lamprecht, Mary Nell Wolff


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Tour / Booking




Artwork for all the sweet goodies for this album will be provided by

Bigshot Robot