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Cullah (Milwaukee, WI) is a multi-disciplinary musician and engineer who writes, records, and releases an album every year on April 27th (his birthday) since 2006.  Each album reflects the eclectic musical styles that Cullah draws from -- often blending and mixing genres that haven't before.

Alongside being a prolific songwriter and producer, Cullah's dynamic performance and powerful vocal ability captivate audiences. Cullah performs an array of different genre-focused sets. As a large group of 4-7 musicians, Cullah performs as "Cullah & The Comrades".

Influences: Jack White, Daft Punk, The Stanley Brothers, Ray Charles, Donovan, Etta James, Gang Starr, Damon Albarn

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Nominated for five 2017 889 RadioMilwaukee Music Awards:

Album of The Year  | Song of The Year | Best Album Artwork | Solo Artist of the Year | Independent Release of the Year

"...glaringly original, not to mention wildly impressive"
- StrangeGlue

"I’m not sure there is a better pure vocalist in Milwaukee (or possibly even in the 500 mile radius). "
- Commonstate

"Cullah combines smooth cosmic beats to his raw instruments.
Not to mention all the amazing things he can do with his voice"

- RDS Films

"Rhodes-biased soul funk, delicious autotuned vocals, down-tempo-dominated and chiptune-backed rhythms,
synthesized psychedelic buzz girders, rolling-crackling electro synths, and even a bit louchè dance beats.

Recent Music Heroes


Cullahsus (2018)
Cullahmity (2017)
Trinity (2016)
Cullah The Wild (2015)
Cullahnary School (2014)
Be Love Not Fear (2013)
Pack -A- Clones (2012)
All The Cullahs Of The Rainbow (2010)
E=MC Cullah (2009)
Killah Cullah (2008)
Adolessonce (2006)