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Cullah (Milwaukee, WI) is a multi-disciplinary musician and engineer who writes, records, and releases an album every year on April 27th (his birthday) since 2006.  Each album reflects the eclectic musical styles that Cullah draws from -- an autobiographical journey of musical expression.

His musical approach is unique, to say the least, blending normally discordant genres into the same song. He dares to rap over accordion and harmonica. He slides funky bass lines and record scratches into blues remixes. He plays violin and Saxophone over electronic keyboards and synthesizers.

There is no combination of styles Cullah will not take on and he doesn’t let his music sound like carbon copies of itself. The result is a flavorful balance of harmony, fundamentals and experimental sound that tantalizes the ear and stimulates the mind with each release.

Cullah posses an uncommon knack for musical performance. From guitar to bass, violin and saxophone, he is both formerly disciplined and self-taught in a myriad of instruments whose difficulty levels range from rudimentary to advanced. He’s seemingly able to learn any new instrument that comes his way with practice, dedication, and a determination that many confuse as a naturally occurring effortless talent.

If his credentials in music were not enough to impress the passerby; then certainly maintaining his own website with his degree in engineering, whilst managing his music career, would turn the most stubborn of heads.

Some might ask, how could any one person manage such a feat. The answers lie in a history dedicated to the lifestyle of creating music.

Cullah began his musical quest as a teenager after spending his childhood surrounded by a family engulfed in music, which no doubt planted the seeds of creativity at a young age. A trip into his archives, reveals that his talents and level of ingenuity have only grown exponentially over the years and will continue to reach new heights as he challenges himself in new ways with each album.

The topics of his songs cover a broad spectrum, from building space ships and surviving gas station robberies, to coming together in unity and promoting a never quit mentality. With a heavy focus on love harmony and self-reflection, Cullah’s music inspires the listener to find their hidden powers within themselves to achieve their dreams, while also providing ample listening time for the mind to completely get lost in instrumental breaks and lyric free songs.

Smoky Water Studios

More detailed information about Cullah can be found at the About Page

"...glaringly original, not to mention wildly impressive"
- StrangeGlue

"I’m not sure there is a better pure vocalist in Milwaukee (or possibly even in the 500 mile radius). "
- Commonstate

"Cullah combines smooth cosmic beats to his raw instruments.
Not to mention all the amazing things he can do with his voice"

- RDS Films

“There’s something very special about Cullah that draws people to his music and makes his supporters stick around for the long haul.”
- Michele Rosado — Smoky Water Studio

"Rhodes-biased soul funk, delicious autotuned vocals, down-tempo-dominated and chiptune-backed rhythms,
synthesized psychedelic buzz girders, rolling-crackling electro synths, and even a bit louchè dance beats.

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Nominated for five 2017 889 RadioMilwaukee Music Awards

Album of The Year  | Song of The Year | Best Album Artwork | Solo Artist of the Year | Independent Release of the Year


Nominated for five 2018 889 RadioMilwaukee Music Awards

Album of The Year  | Song of The Year | Best Album Artwork | Solo Artist of the Year | Best Music Video


Cullahsus (2018)
Cullahmity (2017)
Trinity (2016)
Cullah The Wild (2015)
Cullahnary School (2014)
Be Love Not Fear (2013)
Pack -A- Clones (2012)
All The Cullahs Of The Rainbow (2010)
E=MC Cullah (2009)
Killah Cullah (2008)
Adolessonce (2006)