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Moreso now than ever, my albums are very much about the people who continue to inspire me to keep creating. I'd call that a special type of Cullahboration. In this information age, we are able to directly support those who bring us value in our lives. We can create a community of members from all over the world through the love and support of music. Music is sacred and the musician has an incredible responsibility to keep and hold that sacred tradition. I ask that if you find value in my music, please consider a donation fundraising my next album.

I want those who give to be able to receive something tangible in return. I believe it has a greater meaning and purpose this way. So, for my 2019 album, I will be fundraising in a method where each Cullahboration will get something special from me from.


The name/artwork is currently being created and will be announced in Autumn.




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You will get a special thanks written by me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


You will get an MP3 bonus edition of the album on April 27, 2019


You will get a CD of the new album

+Sticker Package


You will be listed on as an Associate Producer on the album

+ Album Vinyl

+ Album Instrumentals on Digital MP3 and CD


I will come to a city near you on my tour! (USA/CA)

+ "Backstage" hang at a show

+ A limited-edition T-Shirt

+ Limited-edition poster signed by Bigshot Robot and Cullah


You will be listed as an Executive Producer on the album.

+ A private performance for you and your friends on my tour (USA/CA)

+ A shout-out in a song on the album

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