Cullah was born on April 27th, 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the daughter of an Austrian gypsy-poet and the son of an Irish codebreaker. His mother was one of seventeen children in the Wolff Family Band and was classically trained in jazz music. His father is a mathematician and computer scientist raised on a Missouri farm, entranced with the Earth and the limits of the cosmos. With the juxtaposition of the two, Cullah was brought up with the awareness of the balance between the creative and logical aspects of natural law.

Cullah has been releasing cross-genre and multi-disciplinary music, every year, in albums since 2006. He releases these albums every April 27th in reverence of the date of his own creation. In 2020, Cullah will have an album for 50% of his life.

Since 2017, Cullah has been a full-time performing artist (see videos below): performing solo, duo, trio, quartet, etc. Often, each time is a different focus of genre reflecting the large breadth of source material. As a larger group, he will  perform as Cullah & The Comrades.


In 2013, he received a B.S. Computer Engineering from Marquette University

In 2016, he received a M.Phil Music and Media Technology from Trinity College Dublin


All the music released is given for free and open-source as a matter of principle under Creative Commons licensing. However, it is still monetized on streaming services and in various media synchronizations. Information is sacred. Music is love.