Cullah was born on April 27th, 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the daughter of an Austrian gypsy-poet and the son of an Irish codebreaker. His mother was one of seventeen children in the Wolff Family Band and was classically trained in jazz music. His father is a mathematician and computer scientist raised on a Missouri farm, entranced with the Earth and the limits of the cosmos. With the juxtaposition of the two, Cullah was brought up with the awareness of the balance between the creative and logical aspects of natural law.

His musical approach is unique, to say the least, blending normally discordant genres into the same song. He dares to rap over accordion and harmonica. He slides funky bass lines and record scratches into blues remixes. He plays violin and Saxophone over electronic keyboards and synthesizers.

There is no combination of styles Cullah will not take on and he doesn’t let his music sound like carbon copies of itself. The result is a flavorful balance of harmony, fundamentals and experimental sound that tantalizes the ear and stimulates the mind with each release. This is refreshing in a time where nearly every major label is producing music that sounds so similar to their old hits, that it’s difficult to distinguish the past from the present.

Cullah posses an uncommon knack for musical performance. From guitar to bass, violin and saxophone, he is both formerly disciplined and self-taught in a myriad of instruments whose difficulty levels range from rudimentary to advanced. He’s seemingly able to learn any new instrument that comes his way with practice, dedication, and a determination that many confuse as a naturally occurring effortless talent.

-Smoky Water Studios