If I had to pick my #1 artist, the honor would have to go to MC Cullah (or just Cullah). This dude has such a wide range of styles. Rap. Blues. Folk. Rock. All done in a very distinctive style. A Man with a Golden Soul is probably my favorite of his. I was looking for something that reminded me of Quentin Tarantino. And as soon as I heard this track, I nearly jumped out of my seat. Expect to hear a lot of Cullah on our upcoming Tarantino episode.

Dammmmn.. I dig the hell out of this. It rolls with a great punchy rhythm, and when he pushes his voice, I swear I can hear some early Chris Cornell. Its pretty badass. So this guy is a sleeper hit. Great quality, and I have NO idea how he never got a following. Its just too good to not see a lot of wonder in how the hell you don't hear something like this on the radio.

MC Cullah is a hip-hopper/electro producer from Milwaukee, USA having released the E=MC Cullah when he was at the age of 18 years old. Despite of his young age, indeed, he is keen to deliver an interesting, multi-faceted set of 15 tracks where obligatory hip-hop/rap repertory are augmented with Rhodes-biased soul funk, delicious autotuned vocals, down-tempo-dominated and chiptune-backed rhythms, synthesized psychedelic buzz girders, rolling-crackling electro synths, and even a bit louchè dance beats.

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