Pack -A- Clones (2012)

17. Slim 'Jimminy' Jim

Pack -A- Clones





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Music: Cullah - "Slim 'Jimminy' Jim" on "Pack -A- Clones" (
Under CC BY SA license


slim jimminy jim

shiminy shim shim sharoo

words would be rubber

if actions were glue


slightly left

of the heightened

freghtning children

building billions and buildings


half past noon

like the slippery distant crystal sea

like the birds on the tree


theyre home in sky

it likely to die

when i turn this lazer beam to "fry"


oomph and a woomph

like a womb of a whale

it shot right up

but got caught in our sail


sailed ever faster

towards land with my master

plan establishin

relashions with a clam

what? yea!


oh simply infinity

proximity of soul


in the center of it all


whosing imitating

the zulu nation

would sooner die

then be confused with a hatian

yes sir