Pack -A- Clones (2012)

18. Old Western Firefight

Pack -A- Clones





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Music: Cullah - "Old Western Firefight" on "Pack -A- Clones" (
Under CC BY SA license


im a straight shooter

never loose a gun duel

went to school to learn

how to be cool

hands in my holster

wheres the jam?

your gunna be toast or

be a canned ham

i was born tough

rough but that wasnt enough

now i got the stuff

to make your knees shake

head ache 

ground quake

and legs break


44 drawn

and my sunglasses on

take a good look

your gunna be the last crook

who took a glance

dont even have a chance after that

run like a cheetah

bite like a bat


your face screams

now your on your knees

oh please

i aint goinga hurt you

well thats a lie

lets play some i spy

i spy your face

in a place where the buzzards fly

your quick to the draw

yea ive heard of you

meet cullah mc

your like a butterfly

im like a bee

your eyes wont cross

cause your minds like apple sauce

ill blast you across

the whole united states

your gunna be roadkill

dead meat son

freedom isnt free

you gotta go through me