Pack -A- Clones (2012)

4. Mind Spitting Cullahs

Pack -A- Clones





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Music: Cullah - "Mind Spitting Cullahs" on "Pack -A- Clones" (
Under CC BY SA license


yo im the genie of the toothpaste

cause im in ya face

i leave no trace

when travel into outer space

listen to the bass

then brace yourself

your gunna need a belt

when you feel your brain melt

to the sound that i dealt

yea thats pain you felt



pychotic idiotic mind frying wordplay

leaves yall stupified in flabbergasted dismay


under no curcumstance

should i perform my war dance

ill warn you in advance

as it may cause a brain trance


ill wack you with a spatula

ill bite you like dracula

return to hibernacula

and think about the formula

to open heavens gate

where the dead conjugate

a mess ill create

when i best jesus straight

in a flow battle desecrating

every move that i handle

im no match for that scandal

ill brand him on his sandel

hell cry for his mother

when he tries something other

than to play true like i do


international respect attackin you

mellifluous stature you lack dispatching to

ephemeral quintessence

lunar illusions luminescence

high fry to the brain

and kick start the same god damn fame

let me hear you say my name


mc cullahs got your mind

spittin red colors

his rhymes something other

than the mainstream fellas

jump backwards in pain

cause i hit you with a train

carrying so many rhymes its 

insanely mundane

its a travesty

dr cullah mc

whats happenin to me

i put on your cd

and now my minds free

people say im better than ever

but i disagree

ive always been this good see?

listen to my plea

dr cullah mc

whats happenin to me?

will i ever be the same

this cds got me going insane

the answer is a plain cold hearted no

you knew what you were gettin into

you reap what you sew