Pack -A- Clones (2012)

19. Gas Station Robbery

Pack -A- Clones





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Music: Cullah - "Gas Station Robbery" on "Pack -A- Clones" (
Under CC BY SA license


simple things can grow so gravy

other things will never die

whats the story with the people

who know no better my oh my


smile for camcorder

my fates your damn hands

you draw with a crayon

your list of demands

i was beggin for mercy

but it didnt work i went beserk

at the clerk at the gas station

he could sense my frustration

as you placed a gun to my face

mistake one

but not to be outdone

your partner in crime

busted out of the aisle

crazy in his eye

and survival on his mind

i ducked in cover

when he pressed the trigger

blowin the whole place so bad

even columbus couldt discover it


the rigors of being kidnapped

by a fat and lazzy scrappy human being

i wasnt trapped for long

after the place was blown to bits

thinkin he was safe i went blitzkreig

on his pits

puchin up and smackin down

if someone were to watch it

it would attract the whole damn town

after i left him

he had more colors on his face than a clown

standin over him

with fire in my eye

i payed for my chips

and said my goodbyes

went back home to my mother

bet they wished they never messed with mc cullah