Pack -A- Clones (2012)

22. Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein

Pack -A- Clones





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Music: Cullah - "Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein" on "Pack -A- Clones" (
Under CC BY SA license


im a tell a story

and you will listen to

or ima knock you

right direct to the moon


mhmm so listen


Abraham Lincoln

and Albert Einstein

Were hiding in the mountains

in a hidden confine


since the invention

of death provention

scientists politicians

hollow out their wallet and


they get the elixer

Of life's existence

allah wasnt right

but neither were the christians




un huh

abraham lincoln

albert einstein

un huh

nico tesla

on a vespa

un huh

yuri gagarin

and charles darwin

un huh

old marky karl

and raymond charles

un huh