Cullahsus (2018)

7. King Jebediah (The Falcon Messiah)






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Music: Cullah - "King Jebediah (The Falcon Messiah)" on "Cullahsus" (
Under CC BY SA license


when you wake up one morning and you realize

,all groggy and misty eyed,

that your flying right through the sky 

on a falcon named jebediah

when you come to

you see right in front of you

jebediah staying cool

he ain't scared of the sky

or to die from a fall to the earth 

but you know he's got those wings

and a beak and a voice that sings

among many other powerful things

he's the king of the falcons

then you think about it with every single brain cell

that its some kind of magic spell

you start feeling decieved

you stand up with your lungs swelled and your chest heaved


"king jebediah

where are we flying?

is it to the moon

far past the sky?

king jebediah

the falcon messiah

where we going to?

why am I here with you?"

and just like that, something happened

the falcon king's wings stopped flapping

Jebidiah said, "hold on tight cullah"

we're stooping to war

then everything around me got weightless

even if I tried i couldn't escape this

so I fastened my arms around jebidiah's neck

then we fell to the ground at the speed of sound

and just like that, something else happened

fifty fighting falcons started passing

war-ready from head to talon

a large batallion of falcons

stooping below

then i saw way over in the distance

through my watering eyes and the intense mist

a kettle of hawks fighting fire with stone

at king jebidiah to try to topple his thrown

"king jebediah

why are we fighting?

why are we off to war 

please stop the dying

king jebediah

the falcon messiah

where we going to?

why am I here with you?"