Cullahnary School (2014)

2. Wander and Ramble

Cullahnary School





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Music: Cullah - "Wander and Ramble" on "Cullahnary School" (
Under license (CC BY 4.0)

Song Notes

Written and Produced by: Cullah


open c#
C# G# C# E# G# C#
got a pretty woman gone treat me
like a earthquake and a whirlwind
always try to treat me tender
but bites like the cold of december
yea yea yea
yea yae yae
everyday i sit and i wonder
i sure as hell aint getting any younger
i just want to wander and ramble
take a few strides on a gamble
yea yea yea
yea yea yea
i wanna be a wanderer babe
i wanna be a rambling man