Cullahmity (2017)

8. Oh Kimberly, Sweet Kimberly





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Music: Song "Oh Kimberly, Sweet Kimberly" appearing on "Cullahmity" (2017) by Cullah
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Under CC BY SA license


For five long years, I loved you so

For five long years, I thought I'd know

But when you called me on the phone

and said you'd rather be alone

I knew that you and I were through

but I kept holding on to you

For when I thought of life alone

My heart it broke where love had grown

Oh Kimberly! Oh Kimberly!

Oh Kimberly! Oh Kim, Oh Kim!

You set me free, oh Kimberly

You broke the chains that binded me

Although I sang a song of hope

to try and find the ways to cope

My days and nights were pains and frights

My heart was cut and drained of life

But when I thought of life set free

Free of guilt and jealousy

Oh, sweet Kimberly!

Oh, sweet Kimberly!

Oh! Oh! Sweet Kimberly.

Oh Kimberly, you set me free

You broke the chains that binded me.