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Music: Cullah - "Gone Away" on "Cullah The Wild" (
Under CC BY SA license


i went down to chicago
i didn't know where else to go

i was paid to shoot a man
i just shot him and then i ran

i didn't even get the money i'm owed
i turned around and took to the road

i've been wandering to and fro
and made my way to chicago

i see the fire of the barrel
and bullet fly like an arrow

i see the trouble in the poor man's eyes
i see his soul take to the skies

gone away, oh i'm gone away

[C] [F]   [G] [C]
i got a hole in my heart now
my stomachs churning and i'm broken down
i keep crying and there aint no end
i can try but i'd fail again

[D7] [F7]
because there ain't no action
[G7] [C]
in this world