Cullah The Wild (2015)

1. Dueling Duality





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Music: Song "Dueling Duality" appearing on "Cullah The Wild" (2015) by Cullah
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Under CC BY SA license

Song Notes

Original Recordings: Masters of the Universe, Louis Armstrong – Squeeze Me, Louis Armstrong – Keeping Out of Mischief

Drum Sample: Barry White - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby


While it is true that night time devours the day
it is doubly true that every morning, the sun returns to frighten away the cowardly darknesss
darkness has no power here, "be gone!"

haha we shall soon see who has the power in the universe
enough talking, i grow impatient with your idle words. It is time to fight

i would prefer not to engage in violence but i see now it is the only language you will understand
so, we will fight!