Be Love Not Fear (2013)

2. Through Another Man's Eyes

Be Love Not Fear





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Music: Cullah - "Through Another Man's Eyes" on "Be Love Not Fear" (
Under CC BY SA license


well i could travel

till my feet were sore

till my knees were weak

and i couldn't travel anymore


what would i see?

when i travel far and wide

would i see the world

through another man's eyes?


i could swim the oceans

climb mountains too

but i'd just be wondering

what kind of man are you?

what kind of man are you?

what kind of man are you?

what kind of man are you?


id see the world through your eyes

from your soul and by your heart


up in the sky

is a thing called desire

sent through a radiowire

flashing fast into fire

making all of common sense wasted


trapped in the sun

is the rays of the done

the doing and the has been

the spear and the gun

taking blood taking flesh

making love manifest


west to the east

from the pair to the peach

to the beauty in the beast

and the power in the preach

of the love thats in each

of the men who can teach their brothers


how can the restless

waste from fatigue

taking quick short breaths

never stopping just to breathe


away they called me

come live with me they all said

come into our world

drink our wine and break our bread


but i dont want to!

i just want to live my life alone

with peace and quiet

hoping that ill stumble on the throne

ill do well to stumble