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i see the fallen falling
i see them all the fallen few
rest your head you fallen traveler
take my bed to dream my dreams

ive see the fallen crawling
i see them all the crawling few
on their knees begging please
don’t take my hands away too

and now i see a voiceless man
shout aloud and raise his hands
todays the day!
todays the day!
oh thank the lord
now i can sing
todays the day
todays the day
ive waiting long
waiting for this day
waiting for a chance to sing
todays the day!

todays the day….
todays the day
oh thank the lord that i can sing
and that im not a fallen king
falling down after hearing the sound
of a broken crown

i heard the fallen calling
i heard the fallen calling out
why me? why me?
how long does falling have to be?
wheres the love
wheres empathy?
wheres all the angels i never see?

ive seen the fallen brawling
ive seen them all the brawling few
fighting hard to right their wrongs
looking back at what theyd do