10. The Declaration of Independance






Written and Produced by: Cullah


never has the story of the

old glory needed introduction

or induction

just the passing on of morals

from the parents to the children

generation after generation

one nation to the next


its a story of american revolution

where power was the problem

and freedom the solution


it wasn’t just a bunch a guys

looking to the skies blinded by the horizon line


it wasn’t just a bunch a nonsense worth two cents

you gotta take control of your soul and your reverence


you gotta live to to love and love to live

the life you lead and strive to survive


take a look at the path man

take a look at the path

we gotta learn from the past brother

we gotta learn from the past


take a look at the past


it’s the story of an astronaut

reaching for the stars with everything he’s got


it’s a history as bloody as it ever was

so we gotta strive on to get a better one


we gotta know where we’ve been

to know where we ought to be

we gotta know why we’re here

and wanna learn how to see

don’t follow him, her or he

all you got do is

goddamnit be free