Cullah (Ian McCullough) was cut into the world on April 27th, 1991 on North Ave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His mother was the daughter of a gypsy-poet; One of seventeen children. All the girls were named Mary -- after the Irish-Catholic tradition of the unconditional reverence for Mother Mary. She and her siblings were the Wolff Family Band. All seventeen were trained professional musicians. His father is a mathematician and computer scientist who was raised on a Missouri farm. He was the son of an Irish code-breaker who fought the Nazis in WWII. For Ian’s father, logic and reason were his pillars in a world where nonsense often prevailed. 

He started piano lessons at age 4 and soon was exploring the new technology that appeared one day in the house: computers. The strange bulky machines held countless different secrets and puzzles -- soon he went full nerd -- trolling the internet and getting suspended from school for hacking. The piano lessons were given by an old woman who lived in his neighborhood. She outlived two husbands. During the lessons, the structure of music intrigued him. When walking to piano, he would imagine full orchestras in his head -- wishing he had a machine that could actualize the sounds he could hear into music. And lo and behold, such a thing did exist. It just might take a lifetime to realize. 


Cullah grew up in the suburban North Shore of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Cullah received a B.S. of Computer Engineering from Marquette University in 2013 and a M.Phil. of Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin in 2016. 

What else?

Cullah has been releasing his music, every year, in albums since 2006. He releases these albums every April 27th in reverence of the date of his own creation.

All of the music released under the pseudonym "Cullah" is licensed for people to listen to for free under a Creative Commons license.